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Innovation Factory

The Innovation Factory is a groundbreaking initiative poised to transform the landscape of early-stage manufacturing technology-based businesses in El Paso. Created through a collaborative effort of local organizations, this visionary project is set to drive innovation, economic growth, and job creation in the region.


What to Expect:

Spanning 30,000 square feet within the Airport's Air Cargo Facility, the Innovation Factory provides a dynamic ecosystem tailored to the needs of burgeoning businesses. It encompasses maker spaces, offices, storage facilities, and communal zones, all meticulously designed to nurture the growth of businesses in advanced manufacturing, defense, and aerospace sectors.


Strategic Location:

Positioned within the Airport's Innovation District, the Innovation Factory collaborates seamlessly with the upcoming Advanced Manufacturing District, a sprawling 250-acre development set to break ground in the near future. $25 million in funding through the Build Back Better Regional Challenge will be used to initiate the buildout, with groundbreaking anticipated in 2024.


Vision and Impact:

The Innovation Factory marks the beginning of a transformative journey. It aims not only to bolster economic prosperity as a key City Strategic Objective but also to attract coveted high-paying jobs in advanced manufacturing, defense, and aerospace industries. By fostering innovation and expertise, the Factory seeks to enhance defense capabilities and mobility for the region and the nation.


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