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El Paso, Texas - a place where two countries (US and Mexico) and three states (Texas, New Mexico, and Chihuahua, Mexico) meet to create North America's largest border community. This dynamic borderplex is the premier site for the flourishing international commerce that links the United States and Mexico. 

El Paso is home to the border's largest cargo facility and is emerging as the border's most centralized intermodal hub. We have developed our Air Cargo facilities in a coherent, logical fashion with the final objective to create a fully integrated transportation center, second to none on the U.S.-Mexico border. This development included two 144,000 square foot Air Cargo buildings, over 34 acres of aircraft parking and 6.4 miles of roadways. This $60,000,000 investment has resulted in the largest and most modern air cargo complex on the U.S. Mexico border. This economic magnet provides a strong statement to business that El Paso is the premiere site for emerging U.S.- Mexico commerce.

This 288,000 square foot cargo complex has an occupancy rate approaching 70% and is the only modern air cargo complex on the border with immediate expansion capabilities, allowing a clear advantage in border trade and associated economic development issues. These new facilities are centered in a future industrial park tailored to the "just in time" nature of US/Mexico trade.

For Air Cargo leasing opportunities contact:

Debbie Olivas
Assistant Director of Aviation
(915) 212-7337
[email protected]

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