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Growing the Economy

Advanced Manufacturing District

The Advanced Manufacturing District is an Industrial Park by El Paso International Airport. Situated across from the newly inaugurated Innovation Factory, our state-of-the-art Advanced Manufacturing District (AMD) is set to redefine the landscape of advanced manufacturing, aerospace, and defense industries in our region.

The AMD is funded in part through the grant awarded by the federal government through the Build Back Better regional challenge, a project lead by a coalition of community leaders, including the Airport, to bring advanced manufacturing to strengthen our nation's defense and manufacturing capabilities, while brings good-paying jobs to our region.

As a finalist for another grant, through the National Science Foundation, the airport stands to gain even more funding to bolster the infrastructure and add an additional facility to the park.

Designed to cater to mid-sized to large companies, the AMD will provide an ideal hub for businesses seeking expansion or considering reshoring operations. Whether it's advanced manufacturing, aerospace, or defense, the AMD offers a central location that meets the needs of enterprises requiring high-security measures and close proximity to the Ft. Bliss military complex.

Anticipated to commence groundbreaking in 2024, the AMD project is underway with El Paso International Airport spearheading the development of two multi-tenant buildings. These structures will be equipped with essential infrastructure, ensuring that companies within these sectors have the necessary support to flourish.

If you're interested in becoming a tenant at this groundbreaking hub of innovation and industry, please reach out to us via email at

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