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Economic Mobility

Advanced Manufacturing Campus

El Paso International Airport is shaping and growing our community's mobility future beginning with the Advanced Manufacturing Campus (AMC) providing a place for advanced manufacturing, aerospace, and defense industries in our region to grow and prosper.

Innovation Factory

The Innovation Factory is 30,000 sq. ft. of converted air cargo space tailored to support early-stage manufacturers. It provides maker spaces, offices, storage facilities, and communal zones, all meticulously designed to nurture the growth of businesses in advanced manufacturing, defense, and aerospace sectors.

Advanced Manufacturing District

Across the street from the Innovation Factory, will be the Advanced Manufacturing District (AMD). Designed to cater to mid-sized to large companies, the AMD will provide an ideal hub for businesses seeking expansion or considering reshoring operations. Whether it's advanced manufacturing, aerospace, or defense, the AMD offers a central location that meets the needs of enterprises requiring high-security measures and close proximity to the Ft. Bliss military complex.

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