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Crosswinds Entertainment District

The Crosswinds Entertainment District is a development located within a mile of the entrance of the airport and will be a vibrant entertainment and business district with exciting nightlife, restaurants, and retail for residents, employees, and airport guests. Several prime lots are available for development and will compliment the established nearby hotels and restaurants. To reinforce the vision, the airport renovated a terminal landscape and architectural lighting project in 2019, which enhances the walkability in this district. 

A Key feature of the Crosswinds Entertainment District Development will be a upscale hotel. This hotel will be the anchor to an exciting development awaiting the right developer who is looking to capitalize on the proximity to the airport terminal and rental car center located just steps away.

Lot Information

  • 73,225 sqft - 1.68 acres
  • Zoning - Smart Code SD3
  • Walking distance from airport terminal
  • Access to airport passengers, visitors and employees
  • Two industrial parks with more than 150 businesses within 1 mile Breathtaking views of the Franklin Mountains and airfield.
Lot Information

Possibilities of this district include, but are not limited to, a food hall, amphitheater, retail, office space, convenience store, coffee shop, and a walkable pedestrian pathway. The supporting entertainment venues will offer guests of the hotel and airport a new and exciting experience all with in walking distance.

Terminal Restaurant Location

EPIA is more than just an origin and destination airport. It is a destination for residents and visitors alike. This restaurant location located pre-security will serve as an attraction that includes beautiful patio space to support both indoor and outdoor dining and would be perfect to host small concerts and events.

Why El Paso International Airport? Because its sole provider of food and beverages, HMS Host is the second in Highest in bar sales for all establishments in the City of El Paso, according to the Texas Comptroller's Office for 2018.

Terminal Restaurant Location

Amenities include hotel proximity, parking validation and there are no noise concerns making it a great concert spot.


American Airlines operates out of the A concourse and serves 30% of the total passengers.
Delta, Southwest, Alaska, United, Frontier and Allegiant operate out of the B concourse and support 70% of the total passengers.



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